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Book Review - Your Purpose Is Calling
Thursday, November 10, 2022 by Lyvita Brooks

Book Review: Your Purpose Is Calling Your Difference Is Your Destiny

Author: Dr. Dharius Daniels

Reviewer: Lyvita Brooks

Summary: This is truly a book about discovering your identity, the who you are so you can unleash, what you are born to do.

My Thoughts: There are so many books on the market focused on purpose until finding one with a new perspective that is easy to follow, useful, and practical can be difficult.  Here, Dr. Daniels has found a way of grabbing our attention by looking at your purpose, not from what it is but from who you are and whose you are.

We are all unique and are even unique in how we process information. Dr. Daniels unfolds, in a simple process, which allows you time to practice what you are learning and the tools to help you become equipped and encouraged to do what God’s called you to do.

The book is divided into 3 sections: Understand, Embrace and Unleash. Let’s look at each section, of this 215 page book.

Understand – deals with finding the unique you and Dr. Daniels discusses 4 ways of understanding who you are. Including, how the impact of what you don’t like and pressures from others to conform, all contribute in understanding yourself. Always remember that you are hide in Christ so scripture has been included to enhance your understanding.

Embrace – which might be hard for some because it deals with forgiveness, hurts, obstacles you may not want to confront. Exercises have been included to get you past those hurdles into the mindset of moving forward.

Unleash – here is where the hidden gem of “you” begins to unfold your God-given potential which leads to the next steps of doing what you believe God’s called you to do. It’s your “why”.

It is my hope to share books, interviews, and write stories that all center around helping you get the clutter out of your life so that you “Go and Do” what God’s called you to do. This is one of the books I’d recommend to help you do just that.

Dr. Daniels writings are personable, relatable, and at times, funny. Once again, this is a book worth your time and energy.

Application to Believers: If you are in search for wanting to know more about who you are, more about your God, and His purpose for having you born for such a time as this, then read the book. Take time to ponder each chapter. Think of it, as a time of rekindling the joy of doing what you are designed to do.

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Lyvita Brooks is a book reviewer, Bible teacher and podcaster on a mission to help remove the clutter out of your life so you can see clearly who you are and whose you are, in order to Go & Do what God’s called you to do. To learn more, get her unique newsletter twice a month.


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