Spending Time with God is like finding Acres of Diamonds
Thursday, April 9, 2020 by Lyvita

The Jentezen Franklin podcast, for February 2020, has a series called the Acres of Diamonds.  On it, Pastor Franklin shared a story about a hardworking man. Yet, no matter how hard he worked, the land was not profitable. Black rocks inundated the land. He ended up selling the land and moving to a place where he could find diamonds.  

Well, the new owner ran into the same problem, but his approach to the solution was different. Instead of giving up, getting an attitude because things weren’t going his way, and selling the property; he investigated. He sought the truth about the land and the rocks. His perseverance resulted in him becoming a wealthy man. The black rocks were diamonds.

Life comprises choices. The original owner gave up, but the new owner persevered. Desiring the truth about the land’s problem, listening to wise consul, and waiting for a solution was not the choice of the original owner but the new owner. 

This reminded me of when I practice the spiritual discipline of silence. My goal is to seek the face of God, listen and wait on Him to respond. It’s not about doing this to make Him answer me, nor is it about recognition, but about meeting daily and intentionally with the one who loves me unconditionally. When I do, the results are priceless, regardless of rather I believe God was present or not. I showed up seeking Him. God loves those that seek Him and He answers them. It’s in the listening and waiting that we find God. Sometimes, two of the hardest things to do. 

Today seek, listen and wait on God. Focus! 

Seeking is looking for God to fill that ache inside you. It’s longing for something more, something lost, a gnawing of your soul, or a hope that only God can satisfy. It’s like searching for treasure, diamonds, only to find something greater for your soul, the presence of God.

Make all of you seek (mind, body, soul, spirit, and heart) for Him. Deuteronomy 4:29 tells us to “seek the LORD your God… with all your heart and with all your soul.” Then Jeremiah 29:13 informs us that if we seek God with all our heart, we will find Him.

How can you do this?

STOP whatever you’re doing. 

Breathe, without fidgeting.  

Close your eyes and say, “Lord, I am here. Your servant is listening.” 

Then listen with your heart and soul, seek His face while you listen and wait

You’ll find that even a few minutes with God can be refreshing.



Juin From Silver Spring MD At 4/10/2020 2:59:56 PM

Amen my sister! Amen

Reply by: Lyvita Brooks

Glory to God!

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