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Book Review Question: How do you find stillness with God in a restless world?
Friday, May 15, 2020 by Lyvita

How do you find stillness with God in a restless world?

According to John Starke, author of The Possibility of Prayer: Finding Stillness with God in a Restless World, you find it through prayer. This book focuses on making prayer a routine in your life without it feeling like an intrusion.

Starke talks about the practice of prayer through communion, meditation, solitude, fasting and feasting, Sabbath resting, and corporate worship. It’s amazing how many of these practices include the discipline of Silence. They each contain seeking, listening, and waiting on God to show up. Let’s be clear, God’s ever present. It’s more about us being still long enough to purposefully, recognize His presence.

This book is a reminder to busy Believers of the peace found in prayer and not to “make this (prayer) overly complicated… there is much to say about what we are to do when we come to prayer, but most of the work and power comes from him (God),” writes Stake. You see, we have this tendency to think if we are overly emotional, loud or weeping then that will force God to show up. It’s not how we feel, what we look like, or the repetitious prayers we recite. It’s about us showing up. God will do the rest.

Therefore, overly occupied and stressed-out folks, college students and procrastinators, shut down your computers and put the phone away. Spend time with the LORD. Give Him 10 minutes or more of your time. The point is spend time with him. Spend time with God. I call it “Hanging Out With Jesus.” (Check out my podcast for practice.)

As a person who grew up in Christ practicing spiritual disciplines, I found this book to be refreshing. It was an easy read. My reading time became an opportunity to practice a discipline which felt natural.

For new Believers, it will help in establishing your foundation. Developing Christian practices stabilizes your faith in Christ. Starke shares what meditation, communion, solitude, fasting and feasting, Sabbath rest and corporate worship looks like which can be tricky when you come from a world of Eastern religion or no background at all in Christianity. This book provides you with the basics.

Although Bible study was not one of the focused disciplines, it is the foundational bases for each practice. After all, the Bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is about Jesus Christ our Lord.

This book is a must read because it teaches you how to Hang Out With Jesus, to grow in love with God, your neighbor, and yourself.

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