The Perfect Bible - Who can find one?
Thursday, September 24, 2020 by Lyvita

Have you ever went to the bookstore to pick up the perfect Bible but stopped, because they all look ... perfect?

  • They have She Reads Truth Bibles. Bright orange with wide margins and other colors.
  • They have crafters Bibles. Pictures to color, spaces for decorating and putting in stickers.
  • They have regular Bibles. Hardcover, paperback, puffy covers and leather bound.
  • They have category Bibles. Male, Female, Grandparent, Teenager, and highly decorated on the outside Bibles.
  • They have study Bibles. Jeremiah, Scofield, MacArthur, ESV, Reformation and others.
  • They have parallel Bibles, Interlinear Bibles, and who knows what else.

I don’t think God meant it to be this difficult. So many Bibles-s-s-s-s-s!

So what’s a gal or guy to do?


Seek wise counsel while asking the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Here’s my Bible Journey:

  •   I grew up reading and hearing from the King James Bible. didn’t know there were other translations nor did I care.


  •  As a new Christian, I started with the Scofield Study Bible, because that’s what they were teaching from at my church and the New Life Institute at Beulah Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA. From years of wear and tear, pages falling out, it forced me to get a new Bible. The struggle, was real. I didn’t want to let it go.


  • I purchased the New King James Bible because “it spoke to me” and my friends were using it. Once again, I used it and needed a replacement. This time the struggle was worst because I had become familiar with the Amplified bible, Life Application Bible, Key Study Bible, Message and the Scofield Study Bible because of my friends exploration and my curiosity of translation. So I purchased a cover to keep it safe so I could continue to use it, while exploring Bible CD’s from the dollar store.


  • Then I went to Seminary where they told me to purchase the English Standard Version (ESV). It is my present Bible. Now even though I use my Bible app when I’m out or want to see various versions of the scripture, the ESV is my go-to Bible. It’s leather-bound, large print and encased. For the past seven years, I’ve highlighted, scribbled scripture verses and taken it with me on retreats. This is my perfect Bible, for now.


  •  One day, I said, “I’d like a new Bible.” This time nothing is wrong with my present Bible. That’s when I to Books-A-Million (BAM). They had two aisles of Bibles. Yawl, I was so excited! Then after looking through about 5 different ones, I became OVERWHELMED! Too many choices. So I brought She Reads Truth Bible because it was orange and had a Bible reading plan. It sits on my shelf because my ESV and Bible app really met my needs, for now. Remember the Bible you choose should be an investment.


Yawl, don’t get caught in the hype. Remember to seek wise counsel before purchasing a Bible while praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Don’t be like me and get swayed by pretty colors or a reading plan. That might have been an off-focus day, for me. You know it happens.


Shop wisely for your next Bible, my friend. 


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