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How can birds revitalize your devotional time?
Thursday, June 11, 2020 by Lyvita Brooks

Title: Consider the Birds Reflections to Make You Soar

Author: Jewell Utt

Summary: Have you read Matthew 6: 26 lately? Please do so. Then, I invite you to read Consider the Birds Reflections to Make You Soar. This reflective devotional is written by Jewell Utt, a Bible teacher who writes monthly devotionals on her website. She calls you to stop what you are doing, the business of life, the hustle of getting things done, or the boredom of doing nothing, to look outside, and listen. The birds are talking. They are doing what they are designed to do. Can watching birds, help me? Are their similarities between birds and me? Similar questions will arise as you ponder this book. It guides you through a variety of bird behaviors, stimulating your devotional time where you can commune with God. Resulting in “… seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33), and all your cares, worries, and uncertainties, melt away, as you become focused in the ‘silence of nature’, being strengthen for the day.

Most Important Aspect: Although each chapter contains a scripture, story and unique bird behavior which resemble human characteristics, I found the reflection pages and pictures of the birds to be the most lasting. I believe Fred R. Barnard said it first, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I’d like to add, “Some of the best things happen when you become the listener and recorder of your aha moments.” Hopefully, Jewell’s next book will have bigger pictures of the birds.

Brief Quote: Jewell writes, “Birds fly together, preen each other, and stop to give support when one is hurt.” She then shares her experience in seeing a hurried driver’s selfish act towards geese. How many times have you stopped everything to help someone? When was the last time you stopped and considered anything or one that tried to slow you down?  This book causes you to do just that.  Slow down and listen. Then, redirects your conversation towards talking to God.

Conclusion: The business of life is not the answer. It’s in the quiet moments that you grow in Christ so the business will not overwhelm you. Be encouraged by the call of the birds, they will help you make sense of your life as you seek God’s face. Personally, I pay more attention to them now because their purpose can often inform my life. 

Call to Action:

Put June 25, 2020 on your calendar. Jewell will guide us through the practice of devotional reading on Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast.

Go to www.jewellutt.com for her monthly devotions and more information.
Purchase Consider the Birds Reflections to soar. It’s also on Amazon.

Closing: Until we meet again on the next blog, continue hanging out with Jesus, intentionally and daily. Shalom!


Ruth From Philadelphia At 6/26/2020 3:24:06 PM

Hi Lyvita, I enjoyed the interview with Jewell. Her theme fit well with your focus on meditation and prayer.

Reply by: Lyvita Brooks

WOW! I will let her know. It was a pleasure talking with her. Did you try any of the next steps?

Charlene From National Harbor, MD At 6/12/2020 7:44:54 AM

Love this, Lyvita. Looking forward to hearing Jewell's podcast. Thank you.

Reply by: Lyvita Brooks

Thanks. It will be our first podcast interview and Jewell was a blessing to work with. I'm excited, too. Hope you are encouraged.

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