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How Do You Really Connect With God?
Thursday, August 20, 2020 by Lyvita Brooks

Hi Saints of God,

     It is always my hope to help you grow in your walk with Christ. This post is about intimacy, and so is the Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast with guest speaker, Kristi Gaultiere. She is the wife of Bill Gaultiere, the author of Your Best Life In Jesus’ Easy Yoke: Rhythms of Grace to De-Stress and Live Empowered.

This book provides you with many ways to connect with God. The problem is you can get stuck on trying one discipline until you forget that there is more to read. Yep, that happened to me. I am enjoying what they call Breathe Prayer. It is breathing and praying God’s Word. It can be very helpful if you are trying to change a habit, such as, profanity. Instead of getting all hot and bothered about what someone said or did, you’ll pause, then breathe and pray.

The interesting part is there is a section on “Blessing Your Competitors.” It will make you laugh, but seriously, we should be a blessing to everyone, not just our love ones. 

Another part of this book I like is that in each section it has Soul Talk, which is also the name of their podcast. It allows you to ponder rather you are applying the disciplines out of routine, or are you really giving them over to the Lord and taking on His yoke.

Now the best part of the book. Wait for it… It allows you time to connect with God. How? By taking time to practice the disciplines. There is no time limit. I can be anywhere, be doing anything, and still apply many of the disciplines outlined in this book.

Developing a relationship with God is critical to our growth as believers and as an Ambassadors for Christ. Take some time to read this book and experience greater connection with God, because you want to. Check out their website: SoulSheperding.org for other books.



If you want to continue to grow in love with God, your neighbor and yourself, check out Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast. Join us for September’s 30 Days of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast Challenge. It includes two days a week of encouragement on our YouTube Channel called Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast.

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