How To Stop Focusing On Fearful Thoughts
Thursday, September 10, 2020 by Lyvita

Have you ever heard of Fear-Based Thinking? Me neither. 

Fear-Based Thinking happens to our mind and brain when repeatedly exposed to experiences or messages that trigger fear. One problem with Fear-Based Thinking is that it stops us from asking questions. Whoa!

During my study of Psalm 91, verses 5-6 stood out. If you listened to Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast #9, Peggy Ruth, the guest speaker, spoke about how important it is to guard your thoughts. Verse 5-6 list the 4 categories of evil known to man that we are not to fear:


Note: Natural disasters are not acts of God but acts of nature.

Question: How does fear become fear? Your thoughts.


Question: How can we stop fear from becoming fear? Well, not all fear is bad. For example seeing a tree limb hit the window of your car, will produce “healthy” fear, because you move quickly to save your life. So how do you overcome fear? What is needed to conquer what God tells us to not be afraid of? Maybe this chart can help:


We have a protector (God) and protection (God’s Word) but we have to know that in order to use our protection correctly and believe our protector. Are you willing to take time to read your Bible today? Are you willing to put on your armor today? If you have not done so yet, then practice what is under the “What you should do” above in order to be ready to use your spiritual weapons the next time one of the fear’s rear its ugly head.


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