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What’s your response to God’s invitation to hang out with Him? Yes, No, or Maybe so?
Thursday, October 22, 2020 by Lyvita

I was first introduced to Adele Ahlberg Calhoun through a book called, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook Practices that Transform Us. Even today, I reference the handbook because it contains a wealth of knowledge about the disciplines. It was through this book I learned an abundance of spiritual disciplines which I practiced until I found the ones that resonated with me. What’s so interesting is that, even as a new Christian, I was already doing some of them. But now, I have a name for them… Spiritual Disciplines. The key: these disciplines truly are “practices that transform” your life and inform your routines.

Fast forward to today, I read through Invitations From God Accepting God’s Offer to Rest, Weep, Forgive, Wait, Remember and More by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. So you know I was excited, especially when it contained the emotions we are going through this year. 

She starts the book off with two of the most thought-provoking statements:

  • “Invitations shape who we know, where we go, what we do and who we become. Invitations can challenge and remake us. They can erode and devastate. And they can also heal and restore us. Being wanted, welcomed, invited and included are some of the most mending experiences on the planet.”


  • “The things we say yes to and the things we say no to determine the terrain of our future.”

Although this book is about invitations, but specifically invitations sent to you by God, it’s through the spiritual disciplines that you recognize these invitations. They allow you to be still, to seek God’s presence, and transform your heart as you hang out with Him. 

Here’s what I mean. There’s a chapter called Invitation to Rest, where Adele shares roadblocks, scriptures, and a description of this invitation. Then she includes a spiritual discipline that she refers to as “practices”. Guess what is the practice for this chapter? Yea, Sabbath. 

I interviewed Adele about the Sabbath because, as you know, I’ve been studying up on this, she shared an unforgettable nugget, “Sabbath is a STOP TIME for busy people.” Whoa… Saints, God’s invited us to STOP WORKING for a day and focus on Him. 

It’s OK to not work every day.

It’s OK to be unproductive, relaxed, lazy, and chilli-out for one day of the week.

Saints, you need to read this book. God is not only inviting us to Sabbath but also to Himself. Begin practicing the spiritual discipline of Sabbath. Spend time with your God. He’s constantly sending you invitations. Don’t let work or selfish desires stand in your way.  

Listen to Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast episode, Sabbath: Free Day or Slave Day, for more of my conversation with Adele Calhoun around the Sabbath and Rest.

For more of my study around the Sabbath, listen to this week’s Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast, on how I practice the Sabbath and the last blog on why I changed my Sabbath from Sunday to Saturday. Shalom!

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