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Developing Disciplines: The Blog is Changing
Thursday, July 8, 2021 by Lyvita Brooks

Hello Saints,

    How is the summer coming along? Cicada’s are gone and a breezy heat has arrived. Thought I’d send you a semi-letter (if I can say that) about the changes coming this summer to the blog. As I learn more about blogging, podcasting and having an on-line business, changes will occur. Here are a few of the changes:

  1. Presently, you receive two emails from me on the same day. It will now change to one. 

  2. The new email will contain: the blog, podcast, and monthly opportunities for growth.

  3. Monthly Opportunities for Growth are now called Monthly Tools for Developing Disciplines.

  4. I’m working on two projects which you will hear more about as we go along but to give you a hint: lauch of a new journal and developing an online business.

So let’s get to it! Below contains the new format. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what questions you have about growing in Christ. You never know, it might be in an upcoming post.

Listen to This Week’s Podcast

It’s seems like people are talking a lot about Holy Spirit.  Have you? This Thursday, I’m talking with Sarah Bowling about developing a relationship with Holy Spirit. So how and why does one do that? 


Monthly Tools for Developing Disciplines – July

The Story Bible: Read through the Bible in 31 days using The Story Bible. Start July 1st and read one chapter a day until you finish on day 31. I’m presently on chapter 13. In the comment section below let me know if you are joining me and what chapter you are on?


Spiritual Discipline to Practice: How do you intercede in prayer for someone?


  • First, select a person you know has a want, need, is suffering or struggling. Ask Holy Spirit for a name.
  • Second, quiet your thoughts, for a moment.
  • Third, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on what to pray for this person.
  • Lastly, ask God in Jesus name to do that thing. Amen.


Memory Verses: Try memorizing these two verses for the month of July. Post them around the house for easy access and act as a reminder. Also recite them your daily prayers, when applicable. Tag me @hangingoutwithjesuspodcast on Mondays where you will find the verse(s) posted.

  • 1 Corinthians 2:9
  • Acts 2:38


Summer books I’m reading:                   Join me!

What books are you reading this summer? Let me know in the comment section below. Someone maybe reading the same book.


Flash Fiction: I Can’t Think by Lyvita Brooks

We stared at each other, unmoved by deadlines and the ache in my head. Nothing’s rhyming. Why didn’t I stay home? The medicine isn’t working and my stomach is wacked. My effete will read: The Jingle King, put down by the mucus in her head.


Summertime brings out a change of scenery and blogging. Have a powerful July.



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