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Developing Disciplines: Relationship With Holy Spirit
Thursday, July 22, 2021 by Lyvita Brooks

Developing a relationship with Holy Spirit can connect you with your calling in Christ.

I’ve been dwelling of my calling, lately. Within the past two weeks, I participated in a class to help with blogging. Only to find out it’s even more than that. I’m learning how to run this ministry on-line. It’s awakening memories of the experiences God uses to get me where I am today.

When you look at where you once were, as a new Christian, do you see any changes? Or are you struggling with trying to find clarity and confidence in what you are doing, like I did? Are you looking for step one, now that you do know your calling? Well check out this episode of the podcast. It was through the things I discussed in this episode, that I saw an even bigger vision of my calling. God’s got one for you, too!


After listening to the episode, there is someone that you need to spend time with.

Yes, Holy Spirit.

Not simply time to ask but more of learning to beware of His presence. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Jesus. He is ever present with you.

One of my favorite authors and guest speakers on the podcast, that I like to talk to about Holy Spirit is Sarah Bowling. She recently wrote, Your Friendship with Holy Spirit: An Interactive Guide to Growing Your Relationship with God.

I thought this book was going to be a study guide, but it turned out to be more. It’s like a question and answer journal that helps you explore your relationships with others in order to better understand your relationship with Holy Spirit.

One of the notable lines that Sarah writes can be found in Chapter 1. It reads, “…a relationship can only be as deep or as intimate as each person knows themselves and the other person.” I believe that this is the goal of this guide. To help you deepen your relationship with Holy Spirit as you look through the lens of friendship.

The guide helps you identify, connect and deepen your relationship through discussions, questions and assessments. It’s going to take you some time to finish, if you really want to develop a deeper relationship with Holy Spirit.

Although Sarah Bowling and I don’t agree on the gender of Holy Spirit. She states in this guide that He is gender neutral because He is a Spirit. And yet, the chapters she draw from in John 14 to 16, call Holy Spirit … He. You take a look. The question now is, is that important enough to disqualify this guide?


What’s important is does this guide help you get closer to God? I believe it will. It will also help you determine who Holy Spirit is to you. So take the time to “sit with Holy Spirit”. Below is a spiritual discipline to help you practice.

Spiritual Discipline to Practice: Silence

Place yourself in the presence of God. Be still, quieting all voices in your head and noises around you. Say, “Here I am, Lord. Your servant is listening.” As distractions come to mind, say, “beep, beep.” Then return to God repeating “Here I am Lord. Your servant is listening.” Now allow the Holy Spirit to lead your time with God in silence.

Podcast Episode to revisit: 1: Practicing Silence

Memory Verses: Try memorizing the two verses for the rest of July. Post them around the house to help you keep them near and recite in your daily prayers, when applicable. 

  • Jeremiah 1:5
  • Jeremiah 1:8

The Story Bible: Read through the Bible in 31 days. You should be finished on July 31st.

Share your experiences below in the comment section.

Bible Reading for August: Read through the Book of Proverbs

Plan to start August 1st and read one chapter a day until you finish on day 31. Purchase a journal from the store or get a composition book. Record the scripture and then your thoughts. Make sure after you read, you stop and listen for Holy Spirit to speak to you.

Summer books I’m reading:

  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur by Kim Avery

What books are you reading this summer? Let me know in the comment section below. Also you can check me out on Goodreads.com.


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