Media/Press/Bloggers/Podcasters: I’m always happy to consider speaking engagements, interviews and appearances, as well as speaking to writing or book groups, bloggers, or YouTubers. Contact Lyvita

Event Speaker: Equipping and encouraging disciples to make room for their Savior

Teaching Sessions: Writer’s conferences, Speaker’s conferences, Leadership summits, Retreats, Women and Men Ministry teams, Youth and Millennial Ministry teams, Church groups, Bible classes

Chapel Speaker: Schools, Recovery centers, Community centers, Libraries, Bible Studies


TOPICS – Tailored to your group or choose your own

Spiritual Disciplines: What are they? How many are there? Why do it? Benefits? When and how do I do it? Do I have to do them? This session answers these questions and provides time for questions and answers. After all Believers are always looking for time to spend alone with God.

Practicing the Disciplines: 10-week Bible Study digging through and practicing 10 Spiritual Disciplines outlined in Donald Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.

A Spiritually Disciplined Life: Developing a plan that fits your lifestyle

First Saturday: Spending a day each month hanging out with Jesus

 SOAP & Water: Bible Study Simplified

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