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Pathway One: Developing Disciplines


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Link to the 21-Day Spiritual Diet Challenge

The best way to begin a new diet is to start with a challenge. Hence, we have the 21-Day Spiritual Diet Challenge. It begins January 8, 2023 to January 28, 2023 with you giving up social media, unplugging the phone after a specific time or your favorite TV program for 21 days. The planning part is the purpose where you can spend two hours out of each day seeking the Lord’s face about what He wants you to accomplish in 2023. This way anything that doesn’t align with it during the year, well, ask God what to do with it.  It also consists of a calendar and what to do each day. Scriptures come from First and Second Corinthians.


Link to 21 Day Challenge 

Focus on praying for your ministry &/or business as you develop a closer relationship with God through spending time in His word.


Personal Retreat Planner

Download (FREE) for scheduling a consistent time to spend with God. It contains different ways to help you develop a listening ear for hearing the voice of God and different places to have quiet retreats.



Pathway Two: Living Intentionally 

The Me Project Toolkit

Purchase The Me Project Toolkit  5 disciplines that you can practice with a 10 day challenge to inspire you to pursue what God's called you to do while guiding you to be a planner with God of your future.



Pathway Three: Being Strategic 

Fortified Coaching Program


The Fortified Coaching Program provides zoom, audio, or video support through Bible study, coaching classes, books, and speaking request from Lyvita Brooks. Will open September 20, 2024, but get on the Newsletter to receive updates.



Hi Saint, I'm Lyvita!


And I really want to help you get your passion for Christ, back!

I'm the host of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast, founder of The Me Project Academy,  and Owner of LRW Publication, LLC, but God is the CEO of them all. 


And yet, none of that means anything to you unless I can help you develop skills to commune with God in order to build a stable connect with your calling.  


This is what Lisa has to say about my teaching style:

 Ms. Brooks is a wonderful woman of God who enjoys talking with others about the goodness of Jesus. She is a phenomenal teacher as she wants others to learn about Christ.  She is able to captivate her audience with her storytelling and knowledge base of the Bible.  A true blessing! 


My goal is to equip and encourage you to do the work of ministry. Together, that's a journey worth getting excited about because we are a part of the Body of Christ.



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