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Hi I’m a Christian with a busy schedule, seeking daily to spend time with Jesus, just like you. Do you have a gnawing desire to “keep company” with Jesus, but having difficult achieving quality time or peace? I’ve found that developing spiritual disciplines open space in my life and schedule to commune with God. They can do the same for you! You are in the right place.

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Book Review: Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide to Help You in Your Walk of Faith by Anthony Wilson

6/10/2021 8:42:00 AM BY Lyvita Brooks

Now before I begin, I need to share something. This is not an ordinary book review. So get ready.

I began writing in my first diary in high school. Before, I would staple lined papers together and write my stories or thoughts. Never thinking that someday they would be a part of shaping who I am today.

A scribbler. 

A composer of words. 

A prose writer.

A rhymist.

A Writer.

An Author. 

A Poet.

Alone? No.

Writers are everywhere.

And so I’m one.

One of our tools is diaries or journals. Explorers keep diaries, authors scribble notes in journals, children write ideas in marble notebooks, and creators draw designs on their sketch pads. Journal, diaries, notebooks, and sketch pads all contain paper for you to express yourself.

Here are 5 reasons to consider keeping a journal:

During a recent recording, I found out that Anthony Wilson, author of Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide to Help You in Your Walk of Faith, also journals. (Also host of The Love Nay Bor Podcast Network. I was a guest.) He shared how each of his journals has a different purpose. Mine do too.

Here are my most current journals:

  • Strategic  – planning ideas for the month, developing a schedule to complete a project, and combining ideas to see how they work together
  • Podcast & Blog– everything I’m learning about podcasting and blogging, scripts started, ideas, research, etc.
  • Social Media – focuses on YouTube Channel and Instagram, but they have their own journal because they have different purposes 
  • Books – ideas for books, poetry I’ve started, information on being an Indie publisher, making low content books, etc.
  • Personal/Diary Journal – this is a mix of personal bible study, diary, talks with God, epitomes, growth in Christ, First Saturdays, etc.

Looks like a lot of journals. Nope. I tend to think in compartments. They help keep things straight in my head. My journals are on a shelf for easy access.

Book Summary:

Our life is a story. A book to be cracked open. A book to be read. My fellow Believers, Anthony Wilson, did just that. He gave us a glimpse of his journey after rededicating his life back to Christ. This makes me think about the Bible. It contains prophecies of our Messiah, the birth and death of our Savior, and His return. Designed for faith believers to grasp the truth of God’s words in order to know more about Him. Anthony’s book points us back to the Bible. 

Each devotional nugget contains his experiences, reflections, and moments of spending time better understanding who he is, the world around him and who is his God. 

I think one of the best parts of the book is Today’s Challenges. Every day, you get to practice what you learned, practically. What I found to be interesting is that many of his experiences are relatable. 

Day 12, talks about people watching you. Anthony, an experience that led him to write it. He is not alone. I have written in my journal epitomes that have encouraged me from watching others chase after God’s dream, instead of their own. Seriously, podcasting or blogging were never a goal or in my spoken language.

There is something else I’d like to share about this book. The 30 day guide helps you to refocus why you do what you do and become more centered on what you should focus on. Just keeping it real.

Monthly Opportunities for Growth – June

Past Webinar:

The Forgotten God: Who Is He? 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, was a webinar about the Holy Spirit. We discussed the following 5 points: who He is; His role in the Godhead; myths about Him; His gifts vs fruit; and developing disciplines to help know when He is leading us. For more information and the replay: Click Here 


Book to Read: 

Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide To Help You In Your Walk Of Faith By Anthony Wilson

It’s a man’s reflection of 30 days of renewing his life in Christ. He was a guest on Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast. 


Spiritual Disciplines to Practice – Focus on Intercessory Prayer:

Are you an Intercessor? 

Take part in a chain of prayer

Learn how to intercede for your husband

Learn how to intercede for your wife

Interceding For Your Family

How to pray?

Remember, you are loved and uniquely made by God. You are one of a kind and so special that Christ Jesus gave up His life so that you could have life and live abundantly. Grab hold to the precepts, commands and statues in God’s Word and never look down. Look straight ahead, upwards. The Bridegroom is Coming!


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3 Tips for Women in Difficult Marriages

5/27/2021 8:16:00 PM BY Lyvita Brooks

There are no perfect marriages. Just as there is no perfect person. There is always that opportunity to marry a Nabal, knowingly or unknowingly. You can find Nabal in 1 Samuel 25. He’s described as being:

  • Harsh
  • Badly behaved
  • A Worthless man
  • Foolish

Nabal’s act of ungratefulness towards David, the son of Jesse, started an unforseeable war. Abigail, Nabal’s wife, heard about his selfish behavior. It was her swift actions and wise words that saved them all, including her husband, from the hand of David and his four hundred men. Her bravery also saved David from sinning by fighting a battle that was for God to do.  


  • Do you see any similarities between your marriage and Nabal and Abigail’s?
  • Are any of these characteristics exhibited by your husband?
  • Have you ever asked, “Why God aren’t you answering my prayers, this man is tearing me apart and destroying our family?”
  • “God, are you punishing me for marrying the wrong man?”

By now are you wondering, “Since divorce isn’t an option for you (for whatever reason), is there a way to stay sane in a difficult marriage without feeling drained and powerless?


Karla Downing wrote, “10 Lifesaving Principles For Women In Difficult Marriages,” which shares practical insight, biblical wisdom for women who want to be victorious in their marriage instead of feeling like a victim. There are two lifesaving principles, I’ve highlighted below. These principles, I believe, set the stage for applying all the principles outlined in the book. 

Tip One:

Lifesaving Principle 1: Understanding Scriptural Truths, which I label Getting Your Mind Straight, is the first principle that needs to be understood. How you view yourself is critical to how you respond to your husband. It will impact your perception on Biblical truths, as well.

Difficult marriages can be a rollercoaster ride. Everyone is happy and within 5 minutes because of nothing you did, happiness takes a dive into meanness. Therefore, having a personal relationship with God is vital and memorizing His word. 

Karla Downing writes, “The wife submits to her husband by respecting him, loving him and trusting his decisions as long as they don’t violate her conscience or God’s Word.” (Ephesians 5: 22–26) That’s a big statement. It implies that you must know God’s Word and that you have a conscience which informs you of right or wrong. Our conscience can be fickle at times, but when we sift it through the truth of God’s Word, the confusion subsides. 

An understanding of the marriage relationship and you as a wife is vitally important. Think about Abigail. She was submissive and honest by telling her husband, Nabal, when he wasn’t drunk what she did. This is also a sign of discerning when to speak and not. The Bible describes her as being discerning and beautiful. Do you possess these qualities? If yes, then this book will help you sharpen your discerning skills. Now, if not, you’ll learn them.

Throughout this book it will remind you of clichés, myths, inaccurate interpretations of scripture and faulty thinking that is holding you back from being the best YOU you can be in this marriage. Knowing who you are and whose you are builds a firm foundation for not passively allowing your husband to pull you down. This book is wonderful in helping you recognize some of them.

Tip Two:

Lifesaving Principle 8: Set Boundaries, which I label Disciplines. I am an advocate for developing Spiritual Disciplines. Disciplines are essential for all Believers because it helps establish a space in your life for growing in love with God, your neighbor as yourself.

Karla Downing wrote, “Jesus set boundaries in His interactions with others.” This is something that you need to do. You are more than the sum of your parts. Jesus gave His life for you. It’s time:

  •  For you to value it just as much as He does. 
  •  To discern what to say, how to say it and when to talk.
  •  To learn when you are being manipulated.
  •  To recognize when the situation is toxic.
  • To know when to escape.

This section of the book helps you set personal limits, beyond the usual, “What are you willing to accept or tolerate?” You go even deeper, focusing on, “Will you continue the way you are going or change?”

Each chapter offer suggestions to help you accomplish what you are learning. It will take time. “Pray without ceasing” is one command that should be a constant.

I skimmed the surface of this book, but please, take the time to read it and apply a chapter at a time. Living in a difficult marriage can be exhausting and debilitating but with God all things are possible. There is noway anyone can guarantee that this or the reading of any book will change your marriage, so put your trust in God and stand on His word that He will lead you in the way you should go.

Tip Three:

Lastly, get an accountability partner. There is nothing like having a sister, praying for you while you are in the struggle.

Note: Now I don’t won’t you to think that only women have difficult marriages. Nope. Men can as well. All the principle ideas can apply to men. Be careful, because depression in men is different from women and can have deadly outcomes. Men talk to someone you trust or get a Christian Counselor.

Monthly Opportunities for Growth–June

Upcoming Webinar:

The Forgotten God: Who Is He? 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, Webinar learning about who is the Forgotten God and 5 things we need to know about Him. For more information: Click Here  


Book to Read: 

Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide To Help You In Your Walk Of Faith

By Anthony Wilson

It’s a man’s reflection of 30 days of renewing his life in Christ. He is a guest on Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast. 



Spiritual Disciplines to Practice:

Intercessory Prayer 

Take part in a Prayer Chain

How to pray?

Remember, God loves and uniquely make you. You are one of a kind and so special that Christ Jesus gave up His life so that you could live and live abundantly. Grab hold to the precepts, commands and statues in God’s Word and never look down. Look straight ahead. The Bridegroom is Coming!


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Praying for America, is not an option!

5/13/2021 9:23:00 AM BY Lyvita Brooks

I was intrigued by the title, Praying for America.:40 Inspiring Stories and Prayers for Our Nation. by Dr. Robert Jeffress. The author was new to me, so I thought. After letting the book sit for a couple weeks. I just happen to have a conversation about another book laying across from it on my shelf. After talking to the other person I realized that I have listened to him on TBN.

Well, Praying for America, continued to stay on my shelf, until I started working on The National Day of Prayer event for my church and recording an episode for my podcast. That's when I picked it up. It was like Holy Spirit had been leading me to it and I wasn't listening just looking. Have that ever happened to you? Well I am so happy I picked it up an began reading. It was so interesting until I had to finish it.

Each chapter is packed with historical events that are evident in our culture today. It's written with words of encouragement to pray about different topics for America as they relate to religious freedom and our freedom of speech. Scriptures and a prayer are included in each chapter. It's an easy read in which the prayers can be implemented immediately. 

Saints, life is running wild and downhill quickly. Believers are being persecuted left and right. Remember Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado? Well, after he won the supreme court case, another group is trying to do the same thing. When will it end? Saints, James 1:12 says, “Blessed is a man who perserveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” This is why we need to pray for one another and unbelievers. Dr. Jeffress, has many stories like this one. 

I pray for bold Christians to rise up and courageously stand against the wiles of the devil without fear looking towards Christ Jesus our Savior. STop and start praying regularly, daily, interceding for others and your country. This book can help you get started.

Let’s pray...

Episode 29 on Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast is a resource you can use to help you pray. It’s a chain prayer where over 20 people are praying for America and the world. Join in. Also check out The Maryland Livestream which shared highlights from each county and a message from Governor Hogan.



*Thursday, May 6, 2021 was National Day of Prayer. Let’s continue praying for our nation/government, families/marriages, media, educational system, military, churches, and businesses. 

*Spiritual Disciplines discussed on Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast: Intercessory Prayer and Bible Study

*Upcoming Bible Study Event:

The Forgotten God: Who Is He? 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, a Webinar learning about who is the Forgotten God and 5 things we need to know about Him. For more information: Click Here 

Remember, you are the light in this world, we need to be different, peculiar. That’s what makes us so appealing to the world and so greatly feared by them.


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