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Well Hello Saint! I’m Lyvita and like you I find that life can get in the way of me doing all that God’s called me to do.

I’ve learned that “life happens” and you either deal with it or fake it, but being rooted and grounded in practicing spiritual disciplines is the key to living a disciplined, passionate, and purposeful life in Christ.

One of my greatest missions is to help you live a disciplined life in Christ with purpose and passion by providing the tools, resources, and motivation to help you get there. Learn More.


Here’s What We Do ...

Our Mission is simple – to help you live a disciplined life in Christ with purpose and passion by providing practical tools and resources, along with the motivation to actually use them. This is how we do it?

Encouragement – Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast and Blog are focused on providing ongoing, encouragement, motivation, training and accountability to help you develop spiritual disciplines which create space for you to commune with God and fall in love with God, neighbor as yourself, and be able to confront the “fiery darts of the wicked” knowing who you are and more importantly who God is to you.

Equipping – The Me Project Academy provides a comprehensive step-by-step program to help you build your ministry or business to be productive, prosperous, and sustainable in Christ by bathing it in prayer. And also coaching you in being all God’s called you to be.

Support - The Me Project Academy Newsletter, provides practical tips on living a disciplined life, weekly prayer and so much more. Start your first emails with receiving a FREE downloadable as a thank you. Just opt in.


I have a question for you.

Has being in a state of hurry, worry, and tired dimmed your passion for Christ or your desire to do what God's called you to do?

Ashamed to admit that your spark for Christ has dwindled or fearful about what is happening in our world?

Maybe you have spent so much time taking care of other people's needs, trying to make ends meet, and listening to everyones' problems until you've lost yourself in the process. Maybe you are thinking that it's time for a change, but unsure where to start or making a mistake and stepping out ahead of God's timing. Maybe you feel like there is more to do than there is time to do it. Maybe you're not sure what God's calling you to do.

Does this sound familiar? Does any of this sound like you? I'm here to tell you that you're in the right place. Keep reading to find out how I can help.

What to do next ...
Ready to recharge your passion for Christ? Here's how to get the most out of everything we've got to offer:

  1. Start by taking The Christian Blueprint to discover rather you are a hot, cold, or lukewarm Christian. Asses where you are, recognize where you should be, then plan next steps to get you there.
  2. Next, take some time to listen to Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast. (I recommend starting with episode 28:Did You Forget Who You Are?) Packed with practical ways of developing spiritual disciplines for consistent growth in your walk with Christ and relationship with others.
  3. Finally, join our newsletter. It's a great tool for tips for developing disciplines, receiving challenges, Bible classes and materials, new releases of podcast,  and updates of future events all centered around supporting you in becoming all God's called you to do and live a disciplined life Christ.

"Giving up is not an option. Being disciplined and determined, keeps the fire for your mission to do what God's called you to do blazing."
Lyvita Brooks