Book Review: Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide to Help You in Your Walk of Faith by Anthony Wilson
Thursday, June 10, 2021 by Lyvita Brooks

Now before I begin, I need to share something. This is not an ordinary book review. So get ready.

I began writing in my first diary in high school. Before, I would staple lined papers together and write my stories or thoughts. Never thinking that someday they would be a part of shaping who I am today.

A scribbler. 

A composer of words. 

A prose writer.

A rhymist.

A Writer.

An Author. 

A Poet.

Alone? No.

Writers are everywhere.

And so I’m one.

One of our tools is diaries or journals. Explorers keep diaries, authors scribble notes in journals, children write ideas in marble notebooks, and creators draw designs on their sketch pads. Journal, diaries, notebooks, and sketch pads all contain paper for you to express yourself.

Here are 5 reasons to consider keeping a journal:

During a recent recording, I found out that Anthony Wilson, author of Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide to Help You in Your Walk of Faith, also journals. (Also host of The Love Nay Bor Podcast Network. I was a guest.) He shared how each of his journals has a different purpose. Mine do too.

Here are my most current journals:

  • Strategic  – planning ideas for the month, developing a schedule to complete a project, and combining ideas to see how they work together
  • Podcast & Blog– everything I’m learning about podcasting and blogging, scripts started, ideas, research, etc.
  • Social Media – focuses on YouTube Channel and Instagram, but they have their own journal because they have different purposes 
  • Books – ideas for books, poetry I’ve started, information on being an Indie publisher, making low content books, etc.
  • Personal/Diary Journal – this is a mix of personal bible study, diary, talks with God, epitomes, growth in Christ, First Saturdays, etc.

Looks like a lot of journals. Nope. I tend to think in compartments. They help keep things straight in my head. My journals are on a shelf for easy access.

Book Summary:

Our life is a story. A book to be cracked open. A book to be read. My fellow Believers, Anthony Wilson, did just that. He gave us a glimpse of his journey after rededicating his life back to Christ. This makes me think about the Bible. It contains prophecies of our Messiah, the birth and death of our Savior, and His return. Designed for faith believers to grasp the truth of God’s words in order to know more about Him. Anthony’s book points us back to the Bible. 

Each devotional nugget contains his experiences, reflections, and moments of spending time better understanding who he is, the world around him and who is his God. 

I think one of the best parts of the book is Today’s Challenges. Every day, you get to practice what you learned, practically. What I found to be interesting is that many of his experiences are relatable. 

Day 12, talks about people watching you. Anthony, an experience that led him to write it. He is not alone. I have written in my journal epitomes that have encouraged me from watching others chase after God’s dream, instead of their own. Seriously, podcasting or blogging were never a goal or in my spoken language.

There is something else I’d like to share about this book. The 30 day guide helps you to refocus why you do what you do and become more centered on what you should focus on. Just keeping it real.

Monthly Opportunities for Growth – June

Past Webinar:

The Forgotten God: Who Is He? 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, was a webinar about the Holy Spirit. We discussed the following 5 points: who He is; His role in the Godhead; myths about Him; His gifts vs fruit; and developing disciplines to help know when He is leading us. For more information and the replay: Click Here 


Book to Read: 

Day by Day: A 30 Day Guide To Help You In Your Walk Of Faith By Anthony Wilson

It’s a man’s reflection of 30 days of renewing his life in Christ. He was a guest on Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast. 


Spiritual Disciplines to Practice – Focus on Intercessory Prayer:

Are you an Intercessor? 

Take part in a chain of prayer

Learn how to intercede for your husband

Learn how to intercede for your wife

Interceding For Your Family

How to pray?

Remember, you are loved and uniquely made by God. You are one of a kind and so special that Christ Jesus gave up His life so that you could have life and live abundantly. Grab hold to the precepts, commands and statues in God’s Word and never look down. Look straight ahead, upwards. The Bridegroom is Coming!


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