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"Are You Doing Too Much?"
Thursday, November 10, 2022 by Lyvita Brooks

The book, Your Purpose is Calling, helps you discover your unique identity so you can identify the things “you are doing too much”. This means being freed-up to do, without rushing, what God’s called you to do will result in developing a relationship with Him that is awesome. 



Please enjoy this podcast on your favorite podcast platform. Although efforts were made in editing, this transcript may include a few typos. It’s difficult to catch some minor errors. Enjoy! 


Saints, welcome to Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast, I’m Lyvita Brooks, Christian author, Bible teacher, and founder of The Me Project Academy bringing you interviews, book reviews, Christian news, and tools on how to live a clutter free life through reminders of who you are and whose you are in Christ Jesus.  

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Now on to the episode ...

46:5 – This episode is going to be good because it’s about, “doing too much”. We all do it. It’s when we spend more time on activities that aren’t aligned with our gifts and talents which cause us to get off track. God called you to do one thing but you are spending the majority of your time doing something else.  Listen in as I share my experience, after making a pivot because of a book I read. 

1:31 – So in Christian news … 

Did you hear about the Vermont student (14 years old) being suspended and her father who is the coach was fired because they complained of a trans- pupil being in the girl’s changing room. From what I could find, the state was, “a man shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room.” 

This was one of my concerns as an administrator in a public middle school. Everyone has rights. So if that’s true, why is it that girls who don’t want biological males in their locker room, not their right. The fight here isn’t against the trans-pupil choice of sexual identity. Really, the fight is against a person’s right to be in a locker room with a person of the opposite sex. 

When politicians come up with these laws they really don’t take time to think these things through. They just follow the loudest voice talking in their heads, I believe this is true about 90% of the time and that’s my opinion on it. But really, our beliefs need to be respected. If not, then we have no democracy and our country declines into a world of totalitarianism. 

Saints, it’s time to fight against these laws and any laws that go against the principles in the Bible. It’s time to pray, while standing of God’s word against those spirits idolatry, sexual immorality, and hatred that seems to be hanging around the minds of our children, youth, young adults and adults. It’s like lying, getting likes or followers, ignoring the truth according to God’s word is old fashion and not useful. All lies straight from the mouth of satan, devil, the adversary, and demons used to try and destroy the truth that we as believers are Victor’s because Jesus already paid the price for sin.  

Saints, if we are the only ones that know this, then the devil has won. And yet, that’s why God has us here. To sound the battle cry. We have won. satan stand down. People of God arise and do what you are called to do without fear. Spread the Gospel and Advance the Kingdom of God. No believer should be standing alone. Let’s mount up, strap on our shoes and get to work. Prayerfully, this episode will help you get started. 

6:24 – Saints, make sure you are receiving my newsletter because I’m sharing in it what happened at the Middleburg Film Festival. Pictures are included.  

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Now come walk with me where we intentionally and daily hang out with Jesus. On to the episode. 

7:15 - Let’s pray 

Key Topics With Time Stamps / Transcript With Time Stamps 

8:32 – Saints, I want to talk to you about “doing too much”. I recently, read this book called “Your Purpose Is Calling,” by Dr. Dharius Daniels. He’s a new author to me but the title of his book was intriguing. Fortunately, I won it as a free giveaway on Goodreads.com. There are many things this book brought to my attention but the main thing that stood out, “You’re doing too much”. 

9:33 – At the time I was reading this book, I went to visit my Uncle twice in South Carolina, celebrated two birthdays, attended the Middleburg Film Festival, recorded, edited and uploaded 6 episodes for the podcast, also made clips for social media for each episode that I had to upload, put together 6 newsletters, walked in some unique places, and had my regular prayer time in varies forms and at different times. Seems like a lot, well there’s more, I just got tired of writing it all. Saints, in three months, I was “doing too much”. 

11:40 – Do you know when you get to that point? It’s when everything you look at seems to be a chore. You start trying to avoid it. You grumble. All resulting in an attitude where you just don’t want to do it.  It’s no secret that making clips for social media takes longer than editing the podcast. It’s tedious. I’m always looking for ways to simplify the process or not do it at all.   

11:30 – Making clips for social media, in which I basically make it for Instagram and add to Facebook  by one click, is not an exciting part of the business. I’ve shared this with my BFF, Lori, and she has told me several times to hire someone else to do it. Saints, that’s time and money that I just don’t have right now. Let’s be clear, you make time for what’s important to you and you spend you’re money on whatever you want. That was just an excuse for not doing because of procrastination and lazy. Two spiritual characters that we need to keep at bay, Saints. They can kill a business.  

12:56 – Well, this is where the book I read called “Your Purpose Is Calling,” comes in. You see it was through reading this book that what Lori was saying to me, God highlighted, again.  I could sense God saying to me, “Lyvita, you are doing too much. And some of the stuff you are doing, I didn’t call you to do. Get help. Ask me, I’ve got the folks lined up just for you.” Ya’ll I felt like God was saying, again, let’s do this. Stop procrastinating.  

14:34 – When things like this happen, I begin to hang out with Jesus, more. My bathroom because a place of communing with God because no one invades your private, except little ones and noisy family members. Fortunately, I have neither living with me now. Saints, my back porch became a place of sitting quietly to hear the Holy Spirit’s words of guidance and peace. Even my car became a place to hang out with Jesus more. I just didn’t talk, I listened, I read the Bible, I listened, and I recorded the experience and what I heard. 

16:35 – Let me share with you the pivot that caught my attention in the book, Your Purpose Is Calling. 

16:42 – (Reading portions of pages 129 & 130 from the book) 

20:30 – Saints, let’s be for real. We aren’t fully doing what God’s called us to do because we are doing too much of what we don’t need to do. When Moses delegated others to solve the problems of the masses. His load became lighter and he was more available to do what God called Him to do and provided opportunities for him to feed into other people’s gifts and talents. God rarely blesses just one individual. You know He has really blessed because more than you receive the benefits from it. 

22:51 – This one reading reminded me that I need to delegate more. Stop looking at it from a financial drain or losing time in the search. Think of it as being freed up to rest instead of feeling rushed all the time. 

24:09 – Even the twelve Disciples got the whole community of disciplines together to discuss if the neglect of serving God’s word was less important to waiting on tables (Acts 6:2). I don’t believe that they were being arrogant, they simply were coming into a realization of what their purpose was. You see we can be working two jobs or working overtime more than 4 days a week or even editing videos instead of developing our relationship with the LORD through daily quiet time, spending alone time in Bible study, or giving your full attention to online Bible study or reading of the Bible. What God’s called you to do should not take second or last place but first. God should be first in your life. 

25:50 – Presently, my goal is to spread the gospel through the podcast, writing, and Bible study. Side note: Saints, Psalm 91 Treading on Your Giants is still every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8 pm until December 27, 2022. Click here to register. Therefore, I am looking for someone to do my social media and whatever else God places on my heart. I love the idea of freed-up time verses rushing to do things. Always have and always will. Money, can’t hold me back because God said move forward. Glory. 

26:52 – Today go hang out with Jesus, with a pad, Bible and pen. Sit quietly with Him asking what can I delegate or eliminate that is hindering me from maturing in my relationship with You and growing within my destiny? You’ll have to do this a few times, because it can result in some honest conversations with the LORD. 

27:38 – Once you have the answer, then take immediate steps to do just that.  

So until we meet again over the airwaves, intentionally and daily, hang out with Jesus. 

Lyvita: Shalom!



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