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28:Did You Forget Who You Are?
Thursday, April 22, 2021 by Lyvita Brooks

Please enjoy this episode of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast #28 on your favorite podcast platform. Although efforts were made in editing, this transcript may include a few typos. Enjoy!

[00:00:00] Saints, did you know that Christians are a nation of people? Or did you just think of us as a group? A congregation a denomination, but not a nation? Well, according to an article on learn religions, Christianity is still the largest religious group, over 2 million people, I’m just saying that's a nation.

And, with the said part of it is that we are losing our identity and power because we forgot who we are. And more importantly, whom we serve. We had the power to change the world.  Hey, that's what I'm talking about on this episode, but you would need a Bible [00:01:00] journal pen and a comfy place to sit because this is podcast number 28.

Our father, God, God almighty, help us to hear, understand and apply the truths of your word and always talk to you throughout the day and help us to remember who we are. And that we belong to you. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. 

There are four things, I'm going to talk about. One where we are as Christians in America today. Secondly, I have two stories on [00:04:00] how sin impacts, effects, changes the course of a nation. Third, why we are failing as Christians and fourth, how we can save America and the world as a nation of Christians.

Right now, we are totally divided. We are divided by denominations, doctrines, races, social economics, and even political lines. It's not the pandemic that is dividing us or separating us. That's just a drop in the hat of all the other things that proceeded it. What I am talking about, isn't just about America, but the entire world.

Christians are divided almost every topic until in many cases, our salt isn't powerful enough to [00:05:00] rub out sinfulness nor are light bright enough to light the path to Jesus Christ. I like to share two stories that may help you understand better, what happens when a nation of God's people whom we are Christians, aren't obedient to the teachings of his precepts, commands, because our hearts aren’t fully given to him.

My first story starts with Joshua. He's a great military leader who took over the reins, sort to speak, of leading the Israelites after the death of Moses. God commissioned him to do so now Joshua was well-known for Joshua fought the battle of Jericho Jericho, Jericho. Joshua fought the [00:06:00] battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down.

Remember that, while he was famous for the battle of Jericho and also for partying the Jordan. Well, something happened that effect the success and victories that the Israelites were celebrating. And this is the lesson that they learned and it was in their first battle against the Ai people. You see, they lost the battle and 36 of their men were killed.

That's never happened under Joshua’s leadership, terrified them so much that Joshua and the elders of Israel tore their clothes and fell to the ground face down before the Ark of the Lord until evening they even put dust on their heads. And [00:07:00] all of this was a sign of humility. They humbled themselves before God.

You know, it's God who had brought them where they are. And Joshua called out to God. He called out in a prayer, something like this. And you know what, when we have been on a trajectory of consistent successes and our business has been growing, it seems everything that we touch or do is progressing. Then BAM!

Just like Joshua, a loss.

 And we might say something like this as Joshua said too the Lord and you can find this in Joshua 7, “ God, why did you [00:08:00] bring us here to die at the hands of the Amorites? Now all our enemies will hear about this and attack us on every side. And will just wipe our names off from this earth. What are you going to do for your name sake?”

Whoa. How many times have you prayed, Lord? Why is this happening? What, what happened? Why? Well, God told Joshua get up.  Exclamation mark. Just get up from there. He told him that there was sin in the camp. You see God even told him how to identify it, and how to cast it out.

And God said he won't stand with them until the sin has been taken away [00:09:00] from them. Joshua did, as he was told, once they identified the sin, according to God's direction. One man's sin caused the anger of the Lord to burn against the people of Israel because Achen coveted shiny things that God told the Israelites to not take. Joshua sent messages to, gp get the items that Achen had taken.

And this is what I love. Y'all there was no one standing around saying, “no, no, you, you go and then no, no, no, you”. They didn't say, “Well, let's see who can get there first, but, let's just kind of like speed walk along.” No, they, they didn't even have a conversation. The Bible said [00:10:00] they ran.

How often do we immediately confess our sin? How often do we run to God when everything seems to be falling apart? The messengers ran. It wasn't until the people took Achen, his family and livestock and all his stuff, including the stuff that he took, they took him and all of this out of Israel to the Valley of Achor and stone and burned it all, him and just everything. And that's when the Lord turned from his burning anger. Saints, God is serious about sin and it's time for us to get serious about it too. God, can't be around when you [00:11:00] or I sin. One sin effected a man's life. his family, all he had and a nation of people. God's not playing you either live by his standards or die from the consequences of disobedience.

It's your choice. Just like it was even Adam's choice. And they were told to not eat from one thing. One thing. All that other good and tasty and gorgeous stuff, one thing, and it was the same here with Aiken, he saw something shiny. He coveted it. One thing destroyed his entire family, everything he had and his life and iimpacted a nation, severely.

You see where I'm [00:12:00] coming from? Did you understand what I'm saying? It's sin. Y'all it's sin. We as believers, need to confess sin that we need to destroy. But let me go to the second story, which is more recent and it is about a well-known person who stated that he was a Christian, which was put out this year that he believes there is more than one way to God and also follows the Islam, religion.

Yeah, I'm talking about Steve Harvey. And if you don't believe me, check out these two videos. One is called how Steve Harvey prays and then the other one, check out, Whaddo you Meme, it’s a commentary on, on how Steve prays and that's called Steve Harvey invents his own religion and [00:13:00] cause a Christianity.

Saint, I'm not picking on Steve Harvey, just using him as an example, because this is true for a lot of us, we are applying the basic and we don't grasp the basic understanding of Christianity first and foremost. It's sin to worship other gods. That's a basic command precept understanding about the God of the Bible.

Either you are all in for him or not. Therefore how can he even think...Well, how can you even think to call yourself something that you are not practicing the very basics of that faith? Let's be clear. This is why so much division among the Christian nation is causing division. [00:14:00] There is only one God, only one God and his Son is Christ Jesus.

We serve a triune God. Saints, it's time to let go of thinking you can combine Christianity with something else. You can't. Christianity contains one God, the true and living God. Now, have you heard the term interfaith? It's when people are groups from different religious, spiritual, worldviews and traditions come together.

How cool is that to see people who worship Hindu gods, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddha, worshipers, all coming together in one location to pray together. You think that's so cool, if you do, then you [00:15:00] have forgotten that we are to come out from among them. You see our mission is not to become one with non-believers, but to draw them to Christ Jesus. Witnessing is one thing, accepting their gods and beliefs into our lives that’s sin.

When our God says that it is wrong, it's sin come from among them. We should not be a part of interfaith. That's a strong statement. Isn't it? Saints, think about it. Interfaith. We're not trying to join it with anybody. No. We are try to bring folks to Christ. This is why we're failing as a Christian nation.

As a Christian people, we are trying to fit into the mold of what [00:16:00] the world thinks we should be. We've become blinded by the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. Check out first, John 2:15-16. These are things that the enemy, the evil one, Satan, the devil tries to entrap us with. And so far as a nation.

He seems to be doing a pretty good job. Here's the problem: we aren't practicing two of the most fundamental, basic life-changing spiritual disciplines called Bible study and prayer. Prayer is where you develop your relationship with God. You get to know him on a deeper level, but Bible study is where you learn about your God and you with Him.

It's where you learn who you are. But when you put the two of them together, [00:17:00] Whoa. You not only get to know your God, believe your God and understand who your God is, but you get to talk to him about who He is and, you're able to apply His word to your life and you're able to share it because you're trying to keep His commandments and you're asking God for help me better understand how I am to witness to another person, how I am to be an impact in this world when it seems like we're failing.

And we're the ones Believer's, we're the ones that are Victorious. And I think we have forgotten that. Saints, we don't know enough for the Bible or for some, all we know is too much Bible and very little application.

We aren't applying it. You can't live off of John 3:16 for the rest of our lives. And I've said this before, we [00:18:00] can't just read the Bible. We've got to study it and we got to study it with the Holy Spirit. We got Him, invite Him into the conversation and into the study. You see, Bible study and prayer go hand in hand.

As you study His word, you begin to ask questions because the goal is to get to know God, believe God, and understand that He's God. And to share God in a way that would cause other people to grab hold of the Word and run with it. All that takes time, through studying the word of God being filled with the Holy Spirit, because you're going to ask and talking to God and being for real before real, we just talked about that in the last episode.

Having real [00:19:00] authentic conversations with God. If you don't understand something that you're studying, then, you need to ask the Holy spirit who leads and guides you to that understanding. Talk to God. That's a part of developing your relationship and that talking to God is praying. I'm telling you as you study and pray.

You find out what God likes and why the Holy spirit is here to lead and guide you. Then you learn your place in Christ and you keep growing and growing and growing. But growth only comes through studying God's word and talking to Him. Sin, robs, God's people of His blessings. As we learned from Achen and now see [00:20:00] happening in America today, God didn't tolerate sin then, and He's not going to do it now because He doesn't change today.

We see God's presence in pockets of America and around the world. Saints, we're the believers. We need to band together and stop this division. Once sin is dealt with and destroyed, then the presence of God will return. Saints as a nation, we are the answer to healing our lands in this world, but we have got to study the word, apply it and talk to God while we are studying it.

Because when you don't. That's the opportunity for the evil one, the adversary satan to come in and just fill you with lies and confusion. Yeah. About your God, [00:21:00] about who you are, what you should be doing. And that's all sin because he's influencing it. And not only is he influencing it, but you're giving way to it.

Because of lust of the flesh, pride of life and lust of the eyes, and you become fruit less. When you get a chance read John 15:6 that says you ought, thrown away like a branch and withers, and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire and burn. Wow. Yeah. That's, that's sad. It's depressing. But it shouldn't be for you.

For some of us, our hearts are achy and began to think, well, God, well, am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Where am I sinning? And am [00:22:00] I not studying your word and applying it, am I trying to be politically correct? Am I trying to be accepted in this world. Am I thinking that if I say the right thing and do the right thing in a way that is not offensive without thinking about how it is accepted in Your eyes, is that saying, Oh God, wait, what is it that I'm doing?

Cause I know I got to start here. What am, what am I doing? Or what is it that I'm not doing? Saints it's time to pay attention. It's time to look deep into yourself and fine, Holy Spirit, because I'm telling you if. If you are working off of your version of the word of God, instead of working off of the version of the word of God, if you're [00:23:00] picking and choosing things that make that will allow you to sin, that will allow you to accept things into your life that are not right.

Psalm 119:11 says I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against You. 2 Timothy 2: 15. Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. And I like this one, Proverbs 3: 1-2, my son do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments for length of days and years of life and peace. They will add to you and Colossians 4:2 continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving [00:24:00] and then Psalm 145:18. The Lord is near to all who call on him to all who call on him in truth.

Acts 2:42, and they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and the fellowship to the breaking of bread and the prayers. This is true for us right now. Could you imagine if the saints got together United as one and cried out to the Lord for there to be peace in the land, for businesses to be reached.

Come on. Y'all come on. I'm talking about in a Christian nation. Could you imagine, could you imagine what would happen if the Saints [00:25:00] stood up as Saints and said, no, this is not coming into our country. Or no, this will not happen here. Could you imagine, and you're doing this in the name of Jesus. Glory!

Look at what happened with Esther, the nation prayed for her. They prayed for her for three days. Come on, come on, Saints. When are we going to get back together? Let's take a few minutes and just talk to God about studying his word and praying. Where are we failing? Where are we falling short and how do we destroy it after confessing?

Let's take a few minutes. You might, you may talk out loud or you may write in your journal, but we're going to take a few minutes.

[00:27:00] (bird sounds) [00:26:00] Let's pray, Father, God [00:28:00] Almighty. Thank you for hearing the prayers of your children. We have sinned and come short to your glory. We are not worthy, but we come in the name of Jesus who is worthy, help us to recognize our sins and be bold enough to confess them, then destroy them. With guidance from the Holy Spirit, show us how to be the light and the soul of this world so that others will join us in prayer, for our countries, and the Christian nation of people help us to become a United nation and matured in Christ Jesus. In Jesus name, we pray amen and amen.

[00:29:00] Oh, Saints, I know that it was a lot, but syncretism and that's what we have been experiencing lately. Well, for a while, for a good long while that's when you have all these different faiths and religions and philosophies coming together, mixing together to make one new religion or faith and as believers, that's not what we're about.

You got to remember who you are. You got to remember whom you serve. If you check out the blog, I've written more about syncretism and interfaith. So if you're interested in that, just go to Lyvitabrooks.com. I just want you to know that in two weeks, we're going to talk about intercessory prayer and who is called to do [00:30:00] it.

And also I've been writing a Bible study that hopefully will be out in October. So pray with me because we're going to go through the editing process again. And I pray that I stay focused and I want to encourage you that if you have an ideal, calling that God has placed before you now's the time to start truly bathing it in prayer, because that's how this podcast got started. It was a part of me bringing it before the Lord and just making sure that this is what God wanted me to do in a part of my bathing it in prayer was I use Becky Davis book called 40 Days of Prayer for my Business [00:31:00] saints. That was a blessing because I prayed every day for the business. I laid down what was on my heart, and I just gave it to the Lord and let the Lord talk to me or inspire me to do whatever was needed to get me to the point to do it. What I never imagined doing.

So I pray that you start letting go of things that are hindering you from moving forward in Christ, such as trying to be what the world or defines Christianity to be, or, or the world define what a Christian should be by looking in the Bible, studying it, talking to God about it. And asking Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you.

As always [00:32:00] Saints, if this podcast is blessing you, please share it with someone. You can contact me and find everything lyvitabrooks.com. I hope I haven't discouraged you. I hope that I have inspired you to grow in Christ by letting go of all those things that are interfering with you. Following the one in true God, you are important to the mission that God has placed on your life.

That mission can't occur unless you are doing it, and living a life that is pleasing in God's sight. Saints, let's begin to focus on being a witness for [00:33:00] Christ, living for Christ instead of, for the world, instead of trying to intermingle and being what God called us to be. We are a peculiar people, a chosen people.

We are all priesthood. Let's be well, we've been called to be so that others will know whom we serve.

Saints till we meet again over the airways, daily and intentionally hang out with Jesus.

Shalom! [00:34:00] .



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