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34: Do You Have A Relationship With the Holy Spirit?
Thursday, July 8, 2021 by Lyvita Brooks




Welcome to Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast where we help you develop spiritual disciplines in order to grow in love with God, your neighbor as yourself.

Hi, I’m Lyvita Brooks, Bible Teacher, Author, Blogger and host of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast on a mission to equip and encourage Believers to do the work God’s especially designed you to do.

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Now, come walk with me, where we intentionally practice being in the presence of God. So stop what you are doing, “Cause it’s time to Hang Out With Jesus and me, Lyvita,

1:13 - Let’s pray…

2: 25 - Saints, I’ve changed the format. Although I like talking to you before the intro, I’ve found that it’s easier to do it this way because that’s less editing. Saints, there comes a time that saving time is more important than being cool. Anyway, let me know your thoughts about the change.

Now that brings me to our topic. Have you noticed that more people are talking about Holy Spirit? Me, too. It’s like He is making a grand appearance again or either more of us are beginning to recognize who He is. What you think?

Well, Sarah Bowling is one the episode with me. Hey Sarah.


5:32 - Lyvita: I love having Sarah on to talk about being in the presence of God because the conversation always draws us towards Holy Spirit. She’s been on twice, episode Keeping in Step With Holy Spirit, which happens to be the name of her book minus the word “keeping”. Then episode 27 where we answer the question Hey, God can we talk? Which also is the name of her book. When we talked over the airwaves las time I asked you Sarah, what was the name of your next book, but you didn’t know at the time because I was looking for my next topic. I find it interesting how, I’ll have a topic and the next thing I see is that your book titles are so similar. And Saints, we do not converse. This is a God-thing.  Now when your assistant contacted me I already had the topic, “Developing a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.” on my content board, but I was so deep into putting together a webinar and learning the technology, the title didn’t stick. It wasn’t until I got the book that I realized. Whoa…here we go again. God couldn’t have planned this better.  Your newest book is called Your Friendship with Holy Spirit: An Interactive Guide to Growing Your Relationship with God.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get the book in time to do a review, but I was able to skim it. Saints, my book review will be on the blog in two weeks, along with my response of Goodreads.com But before we get into the book.


7:31 - Questions

1.Let’s define friendship (relationship between two people) and relationship (the way in which people or persons are connected). Would you agree or is there a clearer definition because I got these off of google? I just want everyone on the same page.
2.There are a lot of misconceptions about the Holy Spirit, for example, some people are still calling Him it. I recently did a webinar called the Forgotten God: Who Is He on June 8th. One of the main reasons I did it was because, during my bible study class in which we were talking about Holy Spirit, one of the ladies made this statement, that still hurts when I share it, “he, she, or it or whatever you want to call him.” Whoa. Now that brings me back to your newest book, Your Friendship with Holy Spirit: An Interactive Guide to Growing Your Relationship with God.  Although I didn’t get a chance to read it, I did skim through it. I see where you contained a section for the readers to assess their understanding or background knowledge of Holy Spirit? Can you give us some insight on why you chose to do that?

3.Sarah, this is the burning question, why would a believer want to have a relationship with Holy Spirit when we are supposed to develop a relationship with Jesus and God? For some this may be confusing?

So how do we go about developing a relationship with Holy Spirit?

Sarah, you know what I find to be so unique about Holy Spirit? According to John 14:16-18 (open it up and read it), the Holy Spirit was dwelling with folk back in the Old Testament time and days before His grand appearance in Acts on the day of Pentecost. What I like is that He no longer dwells with us but He is in us. God’s spirit and Jesus’ Spirit is the same spirit and He now resides in those who have accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord. We have the Spirit of God in us. How deep is that? What about you? Anything that you find unique about Holy Spirit?

Since March we have been talking about prayer, talking to God, interceding for others, and the importance of using God’s word in our prayers, so how does Holy Spirit fit into our prayer life?

Should we pray for a “filling of the Holy Spirit” when He’s already in us?

So how can your newest book help us develop a friendship with Holy Spirit?

Can you share one discipline we can begin incorporating in our lives now that will help us develop a relationship with Holy Spirit?

Lyvita: Sarah can you close us in prayer?


Lyvita: Sarah, again thank you for joining us to discuss Holy Spirit.


Lyvita: Saints, I pray that you have been inspired to go and have a talk with Holy Spirit today and bask in knowing He is always with you. Please pick up a copy of Your Friendship with Holy Spirit: An Interactive Guide to Growing Your Relationship with God. And let’s share our responses on the blog or Goodreads.com. I’d also appreciate it if you would rate and write a review on the podcast by scrolling down to that section of the platform you are viewing from now. You can also comment on “Podcast Transcript” at Lyvitabrooks.com

Now until we meet again over the airwaves, intentionally and daily, hang out with Jesus.

Lyvita and Sarah: Shalom!

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