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The Me Project: Who I Am & Whose I Am: 7 Week Creative Guided Journal

So many times we try to live according to other people’s rules, beliefs, images of ourselves and lifestyles in order to fit in, even as a Christian. Only to find loneliness, lack of love, abuse, misery, abandonment, and feelings of being controlled, taken advantage of and unappreciated. The problem, we do not know who we are or whom we follow.

Here’s the truth: You belong to God therefore, His opinion is the only one you need to listen to when it comes to knowing who you are and in developing a relationship with the one True and Living God, whose Son is Christ Jesus.

Your 7 week journey will consist of:

  • Spending time with God through guided projects
  • Getting to know, believe and understand who God is and what He has done for you
  • Learning more about who you are and what that means
  • Applying stress-less techniques for scripture memorization and application
  • Developing spiritual disciplines and routines for Bible study, journaling, prayer, silence and solitude, witnessing, managing your time, and more
  • Writing or drawing your experiences with God
  • Practical ways to living a spiritually disciplined life after the 7 weeks is completed

In short, The Me Project will help you start or refresh your relationship with Christ Jesus.

The Me Project will help keep you focus on God’s view of you in a world with constant distractions and various impressions/thoughts/images about you, as a person.

The Me Project is for individual and small groups. It’s designed to develop spiritual disciplines in new Christians for foundational growth in Christ and for Christians who need to refresh, rekindle their relationship with Christ, it will revive your excitement for spending time with God. It consists of activities that even those who have lost their way in Christ, can find enjoyment in returning.

This journey is the starting point to creating space in your life for God and you to get to know each other better.


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