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Psalm 91: Treading on your Giants
by Lyvita Brooks

Become immersed into the reality of who you are and the understanding of the LORD God focusing on Psalm 91 for 12 weeks. God has given us the power to not only push back our enemies but tread on them as we continue to move forward. Strength, courage, and the freedom of knowing that God's got us when we confront our giants is practiced through the spiritual disciplines of silence and being in God's presence. This creative Bible study is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of God as Protector and you as a traveler through this world. It can also be used as a devotional or small group Bible study (Leader's Guide is included).

It contains:

  • Verse Mapping and Scripture Writing
  • Writing and Drawing Prompts
  • Audio support
  • Puzzles and Charts

Time to practice what you have learned, have heard, and have seen during your quiet times with the Lord.


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