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31 Days of Silence
by Lyvita Brooks


Journal for Developing the Discipline of ListeningLooking for a devotional without reading other people's reflections?

Desiring to just spend time with God because all you want to do is drown out the noises so you can hear Him? Life can be complicated if you don't take time to rest, stop thinking and just breathe. God has a lot to say, He's just waiting for you to sit long enough to hear from Him.

This Devotional Journal contains:

  • daily focus scripture(s) taken from a Bible chapter for meditating
  • lined paper for recording thoughts, questions, experiences and your reflections
  • check points for reviewing weekly reflections
  • opportunities for creative doodling and verse mapping
  • directions on how to sit quietly and listen
  • and mostly, opportunities for you to listen to God 


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