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A Poem
Thursday, August 11, 2022 by Lyvita Brooks

This is for the young folk who think the old folk don’t know nothin’. And for the old folk who think the young folk don’t have a clue.

Yesterday’s News (a poem)

By Lyvita Brooks


Who told you my stories are yesterday’s news?

I’m living in the present, you living in the pretend future of your mind

Ya can’t see how my past can help your now or forever

I been where you at, but did some stuff I wish I hadn’t

And now I’m alive so you want make the same mistakes

Learn from me, instead of doing a repeat

Walk a different road one higher then the one I chose.


Who told you I live in the past and what I know doesn’t have meaning for today?

The past is the past, full of experiences that got you on your way

Ya life is full of the past walking into the unknown

My past, good or bad, is a foreshadow of your future

Or a stepping stone to a prosperous adventure

My past tells me to skip the mistakes of my elders by learning from them

Charting new paths off the experiences of others, my elders, those who lived before me

The choice is yours

As is a bruised behind.


So come sit and talk with me, so I can tell you about my God

And how His old news, is happening today.