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Hi, I’m Lyvita. Host of Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast and founder of The Me Project Academy Newsletter. This prayer is centered around praying for us as we encounter the ever changing impact that the world is having on us and our love ones. Prayer is a spiritual discipline that we develop as we grow in our communication with God. Learn other ways of communicating with God and hanging out with Jesus by subscribing to the Free newsletter.

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Prayer-A-Week is a weekly written and audio prayer series featuring prayers by believers in Christ Jesus our Lord. Delieverd Thursdays at 6am(est). Includes biweekly The Me Project Academy Newsletter. Learn more if you'd live to particapte as a prayer for Prayer-A-Week or writer for The Me Project Academy Newsletter.

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Dealing With Change

“My God and Father, The Alpha and Omega of my soul, 

Life is hard and ever changing. We are finding it difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on and still feel like we have some sense of power, belonging and purpose in it all.  

Father, help us because we feel lonely, like things just aren’t right but we can’t quite put our fingers on it. Show up for us in ways that are unexplainable caused by You moving in our lives. We are reminded that You said, ‘You would never leave us or forsake us.’ Let your presence be known even now as we pray. 

We seek your comfort, now through Your presence, in the mist of our confusion, feelings of insecurity, and pain from lack of being in control of even the little things. Speak comfort through Your word, the words of others, and through the Holy Spirit. For nothing is to hard for you, nor do you let things get through the door of our lives and the door of our hearts without Your say so.  

So much is going through our heads, calm the storm by anchoring us with a verse to repeat. Right now I’ve memorized Isaiah 41:10, ““Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” 

My God, My Father, You know us through and through because You made us. When change affects us as it has now, show us the next thing to do. Rather it’s a scripture to recite, being still, writing, napping, going to the grocery store, or whatever, show us, and give use the strength and courage to do it.  

And when we find that change is affecting someone we know negatively, show us what to share, what to say or be silent, and how to support them. 

Lord God, we are here. You tell us to cast all our cares on You for You careth for us. So that’s it. We’ve come to Your throne of mercy and grace, in our time of need because You told us to. 

Lord God, we pray that these feelings of powerlessness, not belonging, and having no purpose be removed. We are powerful in You. We belong to You and You give us purpose. Restore the joy of our salvation and cast out these feelings that do not come from You.  

Thank you Father God. Thank you. Thank You that You bring good even in what seems to be impossible. We trust You, Lord. We believe and know that you have good things coming our way. Now we wait, on your blessings.  

In Jesus’ might name we pray who is the hope of our lives. Amen” 

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