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Well Hello, I'm Lyvita Brooks. Praise and worship are essential to the growth of a Chrisitian and this prayer allows you the time to do just that. Join me in giving God praise. Also The Me Project Academy Newsletter provides encouragement and practical tips on how to keep the word of God close and ways to hang out with Jesus that will fit into one's lifestyles.

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Prayer-A-Week is a weekly written and audio prayer series featuring prayers by believers in Christ Jesus our Lord. Delieverd Thursdays at 6am(est). Includes biweekly The Me Project Academy Newsletter. Learn more if you'd live to particapte as a prayer for Prayer-A-Week or writer for The Me Project Academy Newsletter.

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Praise Ye The Name of The LORD!

“Father God, thank you for another’s day journey. 

For feet to walk, a heart beating, lungs inflating and deflating to the tune of our heart beat.Thank you for eyes to see, hands to lift up to you and a voice you can hear. 

Our troubles are many as you know but your love outweighs them all. You are our future, our hope, our lilly in the valley, our bright and morning star. 

Praise you LORD for the air we breathe, for the water we drink, for the food you place before us, for the roof over our heads and the money in our pockets.  

Father we exult you above all we have, our being or ever hope to have. Above all that is or ever will be. We exult you. 

We praise you with our instruments, with our hands, with our feet, with our mouths, with our very being. Let everything that has breath praise ye the LORD! 

We glorify You from where we sit, from where we stand, from where we live, from where we walk, run or skip to. We praise Your holy and righteous name. 

Holy, Holy, Holy, thy art God and there is no other. 

LORD you are gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. (Psalm 145:8). 

O our souls cry out Hallejuah! Praise the LORD! We will praise you for as long as we live, when it isn’t pleasant to do so and when it is, when trials hit us hard or not trials at all we will praise you for You are our God, the Alpha and The Omega, The Faithful One, The I Am That I AM. 

All generations, Praise ye the name of the LORD! 

Praise the LORD our God for His name endures forever. 

In Jesus’ name we give You praise, glory, and honor, Father God. Amen.” 

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